Wednesday, 13 October 2010


That's how I feel looking at these bathrooms. Green with envy. And maybe blue with confusion. I'm obsessed with all these bathrooms, but I'm still slightly confused as to whether they are the right style for our flat.  
On the white tile (99% sure this will be a subway tile) there is no question.
Photo courtesy of Emma's Design Blog
Photo courtesy of LivingEtc
Photo courtesy of Katy Elliot via Apartment Therapy
But the sink and fittings? I want an older 1930's style sink etc but have a feeling super-modern built in floating cabinet could be the right decision... and yet after half an hour of intensive searching, I came up with nada that I deemed worthy of sharing.  But I know I've seen them before, so hopefully I can come back to you on this one.

It would be so easy if there was something good about our bathroom that we could keep. Anything. But unfortunately it is a late 90's wasteland of ugly kidney shaped bath, crooked beige tiles and cheap tiny wobbly sink.

We are also faced with a conundrum: to bath or not to bath. No, not literally.  But whether to have a full size bath or just a shower cubicle.  I prefer cubicle but there's this myth that when people are househunting they will look at a bathroom with only a shower and think 'oh, I just don't see how I could relax after work with candles and a magazine in that shower'. Even though they probably haven't had a bath in years and wouldn't have time to use it anyway. To add insult to this myth, in England they will actually advertise your flat as having a 'shower room'. I think we'll have to keep the bath just to avoid turning potential buyers away before they've even seen it.  I hope the same is not true of overhead kitchen cabinets.

Which means I can pretty much kiss this cedar shower floor goodbye: 
Photo courtesy of Inspiration Bubble

And this one:
Photo courtesy of Art + Culture
But I can certainly have this - hate the marble, love the shower fitting:
Photo courtesy of Remodelista
 I hope that's one decision made.


  1. Oh that first one took my breath away. I LOVE the idea of a shower room, and an all-white one (with optional awesome cedar floor), even better.

    I also think your suspicion about the lack of bath adversely influencing your resale value is unfortunately correct. That said, I think you should have the home you want so if you don't intend to move out any time soon, build the shower room of your dreams yo.

  2. i agree the shower room is a good idea, particularly when you live with a male
    counterpart for whom the lines are already blurred about where water can and cannot go. better to not have rules, then they can't get broken.

    anyway, i suspect we will be having a bath in the end... your advice is very true, but we are likely to return to the motherland (Melbourne) in the next couple of years which right now makes me happy and sad at the same time!