Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sleeping lofts!

I've been meaning to tell you - we're not crazy!  A while back I shared our hair-brained idea for a shallow mezzanine above the bathroom.   Although I found a few pictures here and there on the interwebs showing these kind of spaces, there was not much around.  And it is the kind of idea that is hard to know if it will work until you (1) have a milimetre accurate sketchup drawn and even better (2) have seen it in person.. and at that stage... BOOM! You realise that its freaking brilliant.

While we stopped short of sticking GG's parents up there (its still a little precarious with the A-frame ladder we're temporarily using), his brother and sister had the joys of sleeping up there at different times. Great views out the window and of the flat, and a homely little space to get a good kip.  Small issue of the bright lights in the morning, but we'll fix that soon with a blind up there.

And a few weeks ago I found this post on Remodelista about built in sleeping lofts, which shows that many others have put the same idea into practice:

Also serves as good inspiration on the ladder front, we're not quite sure what to do there yet...

New bathroom!

As promised, the new bathroom.  As a small reminder, here is the old one:
  • Tiny bathroom cabinet with the doors on upside down so the pull-handles are at the top - check
  • 3 backsplash tiles above fugly sink, placed at a 5 degree angle - check
  • Enourmous bulbous shower-bath in a tiny bathroom - check
  • Glass screen with broken handle - check
  • Ugly round flourescent lights that belong in a railway underpass - check
  • Space for 2 people to brush their teeth - check (provided 1 person stands in the hallway)

Wow, that's an image that is so familiar, and yet reminds me of so much pain. I almost miss it.

Even GG is having 2 showers a day!  Its a far cry from the final death throes of our old bathroom - only scalding hot water available from the bath tap which meant filling it an hour before and then washing your hair with an ice cream container.  For once I was loving working away from home!

Sorry the photos are a bit dark.  

The glass shelf isn't actually glued down yet, there are a couple of wonky tiles that the builder has promised to fix, and will be done when the tiler comes back to do the kitchen splashback.

And the shower tray was a major drama. However in the few intervening weeks what seemed like the biggest disaster at the time has now receded from memory.  Suffice to say, originally we wanted black, now we're totally happy with the white, and there was a bit of extra work and messing about to get it to fit. It creaks a tiny bit at the open end, which is pretty annoying but given whats underneath it, I guess we can't have expected much else.  I will say, it is fascinating knowing exactly how you're bathroom has been put together under all those shiny tiles and neat groutlines.

And we couldn't decide whether to go for grey grout or white, but in the end went for white since it could have been a bit overpowering with floor to ceiling tiles... Still undecided but its too late now. Maybe we'll splash out on the kitchen.

You can't quite see it in the pics, but we spent a disproportionate amount of time deciding on a toilet brush (compared to say, the fridge and freezer, worth 10 times as much).  Its from Labour and Wait, my favourite little homewares store on Redchurch st in Shoreditch.  Everything was so shiny and modern in there that I wanted to rustic it up a bit.

I was also hunting for a nice handwash dispenser.  GG was all for the Vipp, but at £85 we thought it a bit steep. Particularly as GG doesn't seem to use handwash but I try not to think about it too much.

But I found the perfect soap dispenser when I was out shopping in Shoreditch, and happened upon Aesop, an Australian apothecary, whatever that means.  Bath stuff, as far as I can tell.  And I picked this up, recommended by Remodelista, in spectacular oldy worldy type packaging.  

Unfortunately the bottle is plastic, not glass.  Even more unfortunately the price wasn't marked, and I went slightly pale as she said the price was £25, but was too shocked to back out of it while standing there with my card in hand.  I don't know what I thought the shop assistant would think of me if I put it back - probably 'smart girl' rather than 'rich twat' like she was actually thinking. Oh well, its there now, it looks great, and I guess I'll just keep refilling it with cheap stuff once its empty.  But my hands do smell nice in the meantime.