Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sleeping lofts!

I've been meaning to tell you - we're not crazy!  A while back I shared our hair-brained idea for a shallow mezzanine above the bathroom.   Although I found a few pictures here and there on the interwebs showing these kind of spaces, there was not much around.  And it is the kind of idea that is hard to know if it will work until you (1) have a milimetre accurate sketchup drawn and even better (2) have seen it in person.. and at that stage... BOOM! You realise that its freaking brilliant.

While we stopped short of sticking GG's parents up there (its still a little precarious with the A-frame ladder we're temporarily using), his brother and sister had the joys of sleeping up there at different times. Great views out the window and of the flat, and a homely little space to get a good kip.  Small issue of the bright lights in the morning, but we'll fix that soon with a blind up there.

And a few weeks ago I found this post on Remodelista about built in sleeping lofts, which shows that many others have put the same idea into practice:

Also serves as good inspiration on the ladder front, we're not quite sure what to do there yet...

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