Friday, 6 April 2012

15 minutes

I have 15 minutes to write this post.  That's 15 minutes to explain where I've been for the last 6 months and what is my new philosophy on blog posting. And to share how we're about to get our 15 minutes of fame - beyond the staggering readership of this blog of course ;) 

I've been in Australia for around 4 months, mainly so I could hang out with my Mum while she has chemo for breast cancer (she's doing great by the way). I took a project based down there with my company and both those things kept me mighty busy for a while.

In the meantime, GG was working hard on the flat, finishing off our half-complete kitchen, buying up a few furniture pieces and figuring out how low he could let the temperature get in the flat and still survive before he turned on the heating.

My new philosophy on blog posting is that they shall take nay longer than 15 minutes to write, edit and post.  7 minutes and counting.  I hope this way I'll be able to do things more regularly and stop waiting for 'real' news.

Our 15 minutes of fame is about to come through 2 avenues: (1) we entered into Apartment Therapy's Small Cool competition and (2) our flat was used in a photo feature on the brilliant new website Llustre. They are a really interesting company, and super nice people to boot.  See a review of them here.

Those fun guys over at AT are toying with our hearts at the moment, as we haven't heard back as to whether they'll post our flat and meanwhile we are both obsessing over the rate at which new entries are posted, and the mounting votes that our international division competitor Geoff is accumulating. Very nice flat by the way, Geoff, loving that throw on your bed.

So that's it.  Here's a sneak preview of our Small Cool entry, if we don't get accepted, we'll post the rest here soon:

Stoked about the 4 day break.  We're off to the Mondrian exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery, London. Along with some other guy I'm not familiar with but will probably be awesome.

Its also a weekend of home cooking in my new kitchen, and various DIY projects that really should have been done prior to Small Cool and Llustre. Oh well.
Happy Easter!

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