Saturday, 7 April 2012

Furniture resuscitation

Its been a long time since we've done any maintenance on our wooden furniture (and in some cases, none).  Given that we have a flat warming party coming up next weekend, and we have double the number of weekend days that we normally have, we thought it best to give them some ol' tender lovin' care.  Wish we'd had this genius thought 2 weeks ago before we took a bunch of photos for public consumption.

On the list to do:
Sideboard x 2
Armchairs x 2
Dining table

So far I've cleaned the tall sideboard, and done 1 coat of oil, now cleaning the 2 chairs.

I'm following Morgan's advice on her DIY section.

Also this weekend, we are building a shelf in the bedroom from the beautiful African mahogany slabs we got from ebay:

They are ridiculously heavy, and so GG has been at the hardware store this morning buying up wall plugs and screws and all manner of weird shit to get them to stick to the wall. I'm slightly paranoid since if it falls off the wall we'll be squashed flat as a pancake while we sleep.

Also to do this weekend:
  • Sort out menu and pre-cook for the party
  • Build a coat rack in the hallway (using the smaller strip of wood)
  • Washing

Hopefully our coat rack will look something like this one, which we took inspiration from a few weeks ago via Remodelista:

Sound fun? Sure is, when you have a glass of wine and Billie Holiday on the squeaker.

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